Paisley Beta License

Please take the time to read the license agreement below carefully. We understand legalese is not everyone's favourite, so we've outlined the key points:

  • This license is valid for the duration of the beta period.
  • Paisley is licensed, not sold.
  • Licenses for Paisley are per user. You can use your Paisley license key in all operating systems supported, and across multiple machines, providing you are the primary user of those machines.
  • Licenses will be revoked if distributed or sold to third parties.
  • While we have done our best to ensure that Paisley provides the features and functions described on our website, we disclaim any warranty for Paisley.
  • We will not track or collect any information about you, your usage data, or your use of the software except as you specifically authorize.

Paisley Beta End User License Agreement

Version dated 1 February 2016


means the application for compressing images for the web currently marketed under the name 'Paisley', including any upgrades, updates or modifications made to it from time to time.
means a User License as defined in Clause 1 below.
License Term
means the beta period, starting on the date of the issue of the beta key for Paisley, and ending with the release of the first commercially available version of Paisley (v1.0).
Internal business purposes
means the use of Paisley to compress images for use by you or your clients, excluding the provision of Paisley as a service, internally or for third parties, over a public or private network.
we or us
means The Dos Prompt Limited.
means the individual or organization which has obtained a valid License to use Paisley during the beta trial period.


  1. This End User License Agreement ("EULA") sets out the terms and conditions under which you are granted a License to use Paisley. A User License is per user and valid for use on all supported operating systems. License keys may be used on multiple computers and operating systems, provided the license key holder is the primary user. Businesses must have at least as many licenses as the number of people using Paisley. You must not use a User License to provide Paisley functionality as a service over a network, private or public.
  2. A User License is valid for the current major version of Paisley (currently 0.X), and remains valid for all updates up to but not including the next major version (1.X). Other than as set out in this Clause 2, we have no obligation to provide updates or upgrades to Paisley, or otherwise maintain or support Paisley.


  1. Subject to your agreement to comply with this EULA, we hereby grant to you a non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable License to use Paisley for your internal business purposes only for the duration of the License Term. Upon termination of this EULA by any reason, excluding the end of the License Term, you must permanently delete all copies of Paisley and license keys on your system(s), unless you have agreed to purchase a further License from us. You may keep copies of Paisley and license keys on your system(s) after the end of the License Term but some features of Paisley will be disabled until you purchase a further License from us.
  2. Paisley is protected by the copyright laws of New Zealand and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. Other than the License granted to you by this Clause 4, no rights in Paisley are assigned or otherwise transferred to you.
    1. You may not copy, publish, sell, market, distribute, lend, lease, rent, or sublicense Paisley and/or license keys, or any software code contained within it.
    2. Licenses and license keys will be revoked if distributed or sold to third parties.
    3. However, this license is not intended to prohibit or limit any fair use sanctioned by copyright law, such as permitted library and classroom usage.
    4. You may make copies of Paisley and the license key solely to the extent necessary for back-up and archival purposes.

Limited Warranty

  1. We expressly disclaim, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any warranty for Paisley, which is provided 'as is' without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness of a particular purpose.
  2. We have taken all reasonable steps to keep the software free of viruses, spyware, "back door" entrances, or any other harmful code, but cannot guarantee the absence of any such code.
  3. We will not intentionally deprive you of your ability to use any features of the software while the license remains valid. We will not intentionally deprive you of access to your data.
  4. We will not track or collect any information about you, your data, or your use of the software except as you specifically authorize. The software will not download or install patches, upgrades, or any third party software without getting your permission.

Limitations of Liability

  1. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all liability for loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of data, and for any indirect or consequential damages that arise under or in connection with this and/or your use or attempted use of Paisley.

General Provisions

  1. We may terminate this EULA immediately upon written notice if you commit any breach of this EULA. You may terminate this EULA at any time by giving us written notice. If this EULA is terminated for any reason you must immediately stop using Paisley and permanently destroy any copies of Paisley and license keys on your system(s).
  2. If any part of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms will stay in effect. This agreement does not prejudice the statutory rights of any party dealing as a consumer.
  3. This agreement will be governed by the laws of New Zealand and the High Court of New Zealand shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute or matter arising out of or in connection with it.
  4. This agreement reflects the entire agreement of you and us with regard to its subject matter, and supersedes any previous statements, warranties or representations made to you. Any modification to this agreement must be agreed to in writing by both parties.

This EULA shall be binding on you upon ticking "I accept the License Agreement" during the download process. By agreeing to that statement, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions contained within this EULA, and to use Paisley only as permitted by the express terms of this EULA.