Paisley 0.9.0 beta 4

12th April, 2016

  • Added "what's new" help menu option, which links to this changelog.
  • Paisley will now notify you when there are updates available.
  • Added a menu item for selecting a registration key.
  • Now correctly processes license files when double-clicked in the file system.
  • Now supports "Open with" contextual menus on OSX Finder and Windows explorer.
  • Fixed a bug where encoding RGB pngs with 1-bit-alpha transparency would sometimes fail.
  • Removed dependency on OpenSSL for license validation.
  • And lots of other misc bug fixes and enhancements!

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Paisley 0.9.0 beta 3

13th March, 2016

  • Now ignores _paisley_original_files sub-folders when re-compressing a dropped folder.
  • Fixed bug with generation of registration keys where registration info contains unicode characters.
  • Fixed bug with pause/resume not working on windows.
  • Added code-signing for installers and executables.

Paisley 0.9.0 beta 2

1st March, 2016

  • No longer requires the application to be restarted after registration to enable the saving of images.
  • General optimization and bug fixes.

Paisley 0.9.0 beta 1

26th February, 2016

  • Initial release