The Dos Prompt / About

The Dos Prompt is the result of the combined efforts of Jon and Sara. Both of us have a background in web design/development and during our contracting years we've gotten to see many of the common pain points of designers and developers. Many of these issues were due to bad or inadequate tools to solve the task at hand.

Paisley is the result of one of those pains: the lack of a cross platform, GUI-based image optimizing tool that just works and looks good.

Were are we headed with Paisley?

There's still a lot to do, but these are our long term objectives:

  • add Linux support (we do mean cross-platform)
  • add WebP and secondary image format support
  • provide an command line interface for build script integration
  • provide resources for learning about image optimization and its importance

Ms Dos / Sara Coutinho



Mr Dos / Jonathan Hardie